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Advertising materials for Taste Academy

Taste reinterpreted

Are you in the mood for haute cuisine? Then head to the courses at the AEG Taste Academy! In select locations three exceptional chefs, Heiko Antoniewicz, Ludwig Maurer und Christian Mittermeier, will present their three different culinary themes – Veggie Deluxe, Nose to Tail 2.0 and Taste Architecture. All three invite you to truly experience enjoyment in new dimensions.

The Bloom advertising agency in Nuremberg created a set of exclusive advertising materials using images from Uwe Spitzmüller, text from Ricarda Twellmann and the recipes from the three experts. The slipcase with the Taste Academy brochures and course-specific recipe booklet are personally presented to each participant along with a small present when visiting the academy.

And the best part – there are still a few free dates! Simply check aeg.de/tasteacademy and book a course right away

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