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B2B Communication for Quarzwerke

[Translate to EN:] Mann bringt Frau Frühstück ans Bett

New customer: Amberger Kaolinwerke

Amberger Kaolinwerke belongs to Quarzwerke Group Frechen and it is one of Germany’s largest manufacturers of the industrial mineral kaolin. The industrial business put Bloom in charge of improving the prominence of the company and its quartz, feldspar and related products, particularly in the B2B sector. The creative agency located in Nuremberg and Munich was directly tasked with implementing various projects for the areas of sand-casting, filter sand and ceramics. Now they are presenting the first task they completed for the customer in the form of a freshly revised ceramics brochure.



Specialist for ceramic raw materials – with a “sense of perfection”

The cover photo alone makes an eye-catching start as the key visual shows an elegantly staged woman with a ceramic cup of coffee, immediately creating a connection between the raw material and the product. The new claim “Sinn für Perfektion” (English: sense of perfection) is used effectively to illustrate the unique selling points of the ceramic raw materials specialists – who offer an all-round package for any need, from quality raw materials to customised end products. The brochure employs a clear and simple structure and sets the scene for the holistic, future-oriented approach that Amberger Kaolinwerke takes, as well as its comprehensive service portfolio, diverse deposits and delivery reliability ensured by decades of reserves. On twelve pages, interested readers can find numerous insights in German and English. So, for example, on the “international markets” spread, the company’s global positioning is explained and creatively visualised with a thematically appropriate map made of sand, which Bloom developed.

The imagery is bright and friendly and includes vivid highlights in the colour blue. This emphasises the connection to Quarzwerke Group both in content and visually. The brochure is used at trade fairs.

“Bloom brings a fresh creative spirit”

“As a broad-based company that is well-equipped for the future, we want to position ourselves as a powerful partner for raw materials that offers its customers solutions with high-quality products,” explains Thomas Moosburger, Marketing Director at Amberger Kaolinwerken Eduard Kick GmbH & Co. KG. “Bloom understood that and presented it effectively in this first project. The agency puts a lot of thought into what they do and makes sure the process runs smoothly. It’s a lot of fun and brings a fresh creative spirit to our print media.”

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