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Bloom wins the Bohnacker account

The brand strategists at Bloom win another account contract for brand development work with a medium-sized enterprise. The agency is laying the foundation for the success of future brand work with the shopfitting specialist within the framework of a multi-level project.

After a screening process that included several agencies, Bloom was able to secure the B2B medium-sized business’ account. During the process, the team at the Munich office was able to win thanks to its experience with medium-sized businesses and clearly defined brand processes. The objective is to develop a modern brand experience for the future brand, to map out Bohnacker’s brand purpose, and to define the dramaturgy within the touchpoints in the heterogeneous target group.


The foundation: the brand master plan

The starting point for any Bloom brand master plan project is creating a resilient strategic framework as a foundation and gaining the necessary insights about the brand, market and target groups.

In addition to analysing competitors and trends, Bloom applied agile market research methods. These were used to quickly and efficiently survey customers, employees, market partners and additional target groups about both qualitative and quantitative aspects, and then interpret the results. The specialists at Bloom also used this methodological foundation to develop Bohnacker’s brand DNA. This contains differentiating brand values, the brand purpose, the positioning statement and the brand story.

Building bridges between strategy and implementation

In the last step, Bloom builds the bridge between strategy and implementation. The results are visualised and this aids in creating a brand appearance that is just as convincing as it is surprising. In addition to the corporate identity and the translation of brand purpose into imagery, it also includes the brand values and key messages, thus laying the foundation for further brand work for Bohnacker.


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