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Change management: MindForest and Bloom combine forces


“In life, change is inevitable.
In business, change is vital.”



Many of us nod in approval at this famous quote from author Warren G. Bennis, but it is still a well-known fact that over 70% of change projects fail. (Gallup Study 2017) 

One of the main reasons for the high failure rates is due to a lack of clear focus and direction. A further potential negative aspect is the tendency to concentrate on technical aspects while ignoring the human influence on transformation success.

This is where MindForest comes into play ...

With over 20 years of experience, MindForest is a consulting company located in Luxemburg that specialises in change management. The combination of its expertise in change management and organisation and its multi-disciplinary team makes it the right partner to accompany you no matter what the challenge:

  • Strategy activation
  • Cultural transformation
  • Employee management 
  • Process optimisation
  • Digitalisation

What does this mean in reality?

The challenge of activating a strategy: implementation

As soon as a strategy is developed and agreed upon, the challenging part begins – implementation and introduction. Together, we develop and communicate a mutual understanding of strategy, vision and objectives throughout the entire company. The impacts on daily tasks and individual performance are determined, and objectives and results are adjusted to ensure greater long-term success.

“The more things change, the more things stay the same.”  (Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr)

An essential component is often neglected when initiating change: namely the influence that culture has on the success or failure that a project will have. When the “why” is not woven into the DNA of a company and the change is not understood or aligned, this change will remain a forced initiative. You remember the saying “culture eats strategy for breakfast” (Peter Drucker), but if the cards are played right, the corporate culture can become a competitive advantage and strengthen partners for a successful transition.

“When employees are happy, they are your very best ambassadors.”  (James Sinegal)

Your staff is closely tied to your corporate culture and, as such, are your greatest capital. According to meta-analysis by Gallup, companies with a high number of committed employees report productivity levels that are over 22% higher. To maintain employee commitment, MindForest developed its own commitment method to analyse the level of commitment in your organisation and ensure a long-term upswing. This approach is closely based on various commitment theories like Deci and Ryan’s self-determination theory and the ABC-model by professor Marcus Mueller (Sacred Heart University).

Simplify this process to reinforce the experience.

Whether the procedure concerns the monitoring and optimisation of manual or digital processes, there is much more involved than just technical aspects. Determining the impacts of these changes on those involved (both internal and external) and then communicating why the process changes are necessary and beneficial are essential. The cultural impacts of the changes need to be taken into account within the process in order to ensure that the change is sustainable both for management and for the staff.


Digitalisation – it is a mindset.

Digital transformation requires more than just digital implementation and automation somewhere in the value-added chain. It is necessary that all involved parties change their working methods and mindsets to ensure the transformation’s success. A change in mentality like this needs to be done collectively and at every level. It needs to be understood, welcomed and people need to be able to contribute their ideas so that their conviction can be a living, breathing experience.

Why is MindForest different?

As mentioned above, MindForest puts the human factor at the centre of its consulting activities, not only by attributing specific importance to the social and cultural aspects of corporate entities, but also by highlighting relevant high-priority factors such as commitment, values, experience, social links, communication, emotions, competencies and creativity.

Our approach concentrates on the human factor; we will be able to change the way you work and motivate your employees to move beyond their comfort zone.
Before the start of every project, we organize a project definition session: this interactive workshop provides a framework for an in-depth discussion between yourself and our consultants to define the main issues you wish the project to centre around.

A picture says more than a thousand words:
We work VISUALLY. 
This means we will help you to create messages which can be easily understood and assimilated by your employees. Whether this takes the form of an infographic, animation, method card or a video, we can provide you with the right personalised approach throughout your project.

“When you concentrate on the results, you will never change. If you concentrate on the changes, you create results.”


Are you ready to be among the 30% who initiate successful change projects?

Let us guide and support you in the implementation of the solutions you need to meet your challenges.

Feel free to contact us here.

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