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Corporate Design for BiteDelite

Health to-go

In March, the superfood store BiteDelite opened up in the Fünf Höfe, which are located directly in the heart of Munich. Inspired by international food trends, BiteDelite’s philosophy is clearly defined, using only natural and vitamin-rich ingredients without added flavour enhancers or preservatives. Superfoods – a group of foods that contain higher nutritional values than conventional foodstuffs – are at the centre of BiteDelite.

The store was founded by Christina Botschen and Julian Schramm, who both lived in the UK for some time, where both discovered their fascination for healthy food combined with a to-go concept. In their opinion, something new, fresh and healthy without having to wait for ages was exactly what Munich needed. As Christina Botschen says: “For us, being fast and delivering quality at the same time is no contradiction. It’s the basis of our concept.”

Bloom assisted both founders in creating their CD as well as providing them with a network for further trades. The result: a uniform, successful appearance that’s gotten off to a perfect start. Plus, with BiteDelite’s delivery service, customers visiting our agency will also benefit from a variety of healthy dishes.

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