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30 March: street artist Bosoletti presents his work

Bosoletti’s “FRAGILE” series

In 2018, he ranked third place in Widewalls’ global “Most Beautiful Murals Ranking”. The street artist’s murals are in demand internationally. But Argentinian artist Francisco Bosoletti, born in Armstrong, a small town in the province of Santa Fe, is very selective when it comes to his projects and partners. One of the people who discovered him and has supported him for years is Munich gallery owner Heiko Zimmermann. He was able to bring this exceptional artist to Munich for a single pop-up exhibition.

On 30 March in Muellerstrasse 46 A (Goldbergstudios), viewers will be able to admire ten impressive large-format works from the FRAGILE series painted in negative on canvas from 2019.

Bosoletti’s paintings force observers to see things from a different perspective, to refine their sensibilities and become open to new modes of perception far from the usual and reassuring paths. With the help of digital media like smartphones, observers are able to reveal a second layer in the works: the positive of the image as a way of digitally transforming art.


ART AVENUE is a new generation of gallery. It specialises in street art. In addition to selling artwork, it also acts as an agency organising commissions and focuses on conceptualisation, planning and implementation of art projects in public spaces.

As a “floating gallery”, ART AVENUE rents out associated galleries and locations for openings, exhibitions and events, is represented at art shows like the STROKE Art Fair and also offers art online.

ART AVENUE was founded in 2012 by Heiko Zimmermann to provide a platform for street artists. With over 30 years of experience in the art world and over 20 years of experience as an advertising consultant, he is among the top experts for implementing street art in marketing in Germany and works with a global network of artists.


Information about the exhibition

Francisco Bosoletti: a shooting star in the international street art scene exhibits his work in Munich.

Doors open: Saturday, 30 March 2019, 11:00–21:00

Location: Goldbergstudios, Muellerstr. 46 A, 80469 Munich

The artist will be present.

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