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New Tucher returnable crate in a wood look

Bloom Nürnberg developed a 20-bottle returnable crate for the new wooden barrel beers from Tucher. 
With its surprisingly real wood look, it uniquely communicates values like tradition and craftsmanship.


The traditional Tucher Brewery will launch a new speciality line in the beginning of 2019: Tucher wooden barrel beers. What makes these two beers, Nuremberg’s original red beer and Nuremberg’s pale lager, special? Traditional brewing methods using open fermentation tanks and traditional ageing in oak wood barrels. The craftsmanship that goes into brewing beer specialities for discerning beer connoisseurs – and the product presentation at the PoS should communicate this. Bloom’s Nuremberg office has now developed the perfect returnable crates to match the lovingly designed labels for the wooden barrel beers in euro-bottles.


Packaging design with a hand-crafted look

The plastic crate in a rustic wood look presents itself like a beer carrier from the old days. This highlights the hand-crafted production of the wooden barrel beers and simultaneously reflects the oak wood barrels at the PoS. Because only two crates of this type had previously been realised on the German market, our pre-press department did some true pioneer work to make it a reality. Overall the project, which was realised together with Schoeller-Allibert, took nearly a year to complete from the first drafts to the finished product.


Innovative manufacturing technique (in-mould labelling)

The new crate is made using an innovative manufacturing process: a one-piece in-mould label gives it the look of wood. Combined with a 3D relief surface, the crate doesn’t just look real, it even feels real. From development of the crate design, to the in-mould labelling (IML), through to the wood texture, Bloom was in charge of all three implementation steps.

The real wood look really elevates the crate noticeably from the competition in beverage shops. And it does the extraordinary character of Tucher wooden barrel beers justice – and invites beer connoisseurs to take this character home with them.

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