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Wear your mask! Everything is easier with humour:

Bloom’s Nuremberg office developed an informational campaign about compulsory mask-wearing in VAG buses and trains.

Even if Germany is slowly opening up and we’ve arrived in the second “recovery” phase of coronavirus communication: mask-wearing is still required in public transport to protect passengers and staff from coronavirus. To encourage people’s willingness to wear masks, the VAG Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg public transport company launched a digital informational campaign specifically about this topic that can be seen on the passenger TVs in central underground stations.


Humour instead of a moralising undertone

The three motifs developed by the creative team at Bloom echo the “Wir sind da” (English: “we are there”) campaign that has been running at VAG stations since mid-April in form and content. Instead of taking a chiding tone, VAG wants to use intelligence and humour – while also showing its openness and tolerance.  Unusual articles of clothing like kilts or tiger-print slippers are shown beneath the motto: “What you wear underneath doesn’t matter to us. As long as you’re wearing a mask!”  In the frame that follows, the person associated with that image is shown wearing a mask. The message: Whatever VAG passengers’ personal style may be, wearing a mask is mandatory because it protects you and everyone else.


Involving and entertaining the users

Furthermore, additional motifs were created specifically for social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. There, the topic “VAG and compulsory masks” was interpreted playfully as entertainment: in the form of a crossword puzzle competition and absurd excuses associated with the mandatory mask rules. 


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