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[Translate to EN:] Manja Nagert vor Bloom Dia-Wand

Manja Nagert


Manja Nagert has been with Bloom since 2018. As a dual student in the field of graphic design, she deals with the conceptual design and visual implementation of versatile analog and digital projects.


Print or multimedia, graphic design or brand identity, in a team or as a solo artist: Manja is passionately creative and takes on all the new design challenges at Bloom. In doing so, she proves time and again her exceptional eye and a special hand for appealing design. Manja's special passion is the area of moving images, such as film and animation projects.


After graduating from high school, Manja Nagert first set off on an individual foray through Northern Europe with an Interrailticket in 2017. Immediately afterwards, she booked Bloom Munich as a training partner and practical destination for her dual studies at the DHBW Ravensburg.

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