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Technical Director

Raphael Thanner


Raphael Thanner has been Bloom München’s Technical Director since 2017. Originally from the German region of Swabia, he detests the Swabian tradition of “Kehrwoche” (a house cleaning schedule), preferring to put his organisational energies into conceptualising and planning online presentations in TYPO3.


When it comes to programming, Raphael Thanner is second to no one and is rightly our TYPO3 expert. Raphi has spent the last six years passionately “tinkering”, preferably with intelligent CMS-based web solutions that enable users to easily manage content. In the process, he questions each individual solution many times over and is only satisfied once he has generated the best possible result.

The concept of “bungling” does not exist in Raphi’s mind. He is always sure to organise everything as efficiently as possible and take meticulous care when it comes to performance, accessibility and SEO. That is also why he sought out additional training for SEO optimisation.


After completing his education as an IT specialist at the zeroseven design studios in Ulm, Raphael Thanner presented TYPO3 courses at the adult education centre in Ulm. He also worked as an examiner of final papers at IHK until he found his (hopefully permanent) home at Bloom in Munich in 2017.

If you have any questions, requests or feedback, please get in touch and send an e-mail to Raphael Thanner.

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