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Art Director Digital

Sven Allendörfer


At Bloom, Sven Allendörfer takes care of the optimal conception and visual realization of versatile digital projects: from motion graphics, brand identity and website design to persona generation and user journey to newsletters and presentations. He has a deep understanding of gamification - and its effective and efficient digital as well as physical implementation - and is able to apply this knowledge in an extremely target-oriented way thanks to his experience as a user experience designer.

Sven lives in the heart of Munich, where he finds the ideal conditions for his numerous hobbies and various activities. For example, as a member of the open high-tech workshop FabLab Munich, he pursues his great passion for making physical products.


As a UX and product designer, Sven always puts special focus on the overall concept of a project. He wants to know and properly understand exactly why the client has chosen a certain path. Through his very empathetic and understanding nature, he is often able to show the client where the real problems lie and how they can be solved on a digital or physical level.


Sven Allendörfer, born in 1993 in Hessen, Germany, started his design career as a user experience designer at Pro7 in Munich in 2018 after graduating as a product/industrial designer. Since 2020 he is part of the Bloom team.

If you have any questions, requests or feedback, please get in touch and send an e-mail to Sven Allendörfer.

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