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Advertising agency in Nuremberg

 Neues Museum Nürnberg

The strategic creative agency with the soul of Franconia

Right in the middle of things and always involved: welcome to the Nuremberg office of our ad agency! Our agency’s offices are at the heart of Nuremberg’s Südstadt district. We’re not just close to things – we’re right in the middle of them. And because we don’t follow trends, trends come to us (the Südstadt district is well on its way to becoming the new “in” part of Nuremberg), there’s a lot to do here: new cafés, bars, malls, parks – we even have a supermarket in our building. So, everything the heart desires is close at hand (within walking distance) while the melting pot simmers all around us.

But if the pot should get a little too hot, our office space on the fourth floor has a rooftop terrace (of course – you know how ad people are ...) so we can keep our cool with a bird’s eye view. This location also accurately reflects the character of Nuremberg, the entire Franconian metropolitan region, and our own spirit: lively, sociable, right in the middle of things – yet grounded, relaxed and confident that nothing can fluster us. Because even if Nuremberg isn’t the centre of the advertising universe, it is the centre of ours. This place is simply perfect for working, living and finding inspiration, no matter which corner of the Nuremberg-Fürth-Erlangen tri-city area we come from here at the Bloom design agency. And our clients see it too – no matter what part of Germany they come from. But see it for yourself ...

Bloom – in the heart of the city, beating to the rhythm of the times

Taking a relaxed stroll through the historic district’s bustling market square or a short detour to the Kaiserburg, taking advantage of convenient shops to run errands, or letting the sun shine on your face in the park ... You can do all these things, without hustle and bustle, just during your lunch break. And evening excursions to the pubs of Fürth or, in summer, to the Bergkirchweih festival in Erlangen are just a hop, skip and a jump from us. Or if you’d rather spend your time with active endeavours, you can get to Franconian Switzerland in no time at all to spend the weekend mountain biking, hiking or rock climbing. And for those who love to indulge in art and culture, the Opera House, State Theatre, our museums, the Blaue Nacht, Klassik Open Air concerts, or the Bardentreffen music festival are the perfect opportunities. And this list doesn’t claim to be comprehensive: events like Rock im Park, the Red Bull District Ride or the Christkindlesmarkt Christmas Market, beer and wine festivals and all the flea markets weren’t even mentioned yet. Sometimes we are amazed that we even make it to work with all these things to do.

Of course, we constantly see lots of tourists around, visiting Nuremberg from all corners of the world every year. They remind us why we love working and living in this area: because it is one of the most beautiful and charming parts of Germany and the rest of the world – and it can also hold a candle (or a wine, beer or champagne glass) to the world when it comes to the club scene.

Bloom and curt – close to the action

There’s a new fancy eatery? The next hip club is opening its doors? There’s a premiere at the Opera House or the State Theatre? A vernissage for graduates of design? Yeah, we know. Because our friends at the indie-avant-garde city magazine curt, who reside in our office space, always make sure we’re in the know. Art, culture, nightlife, the restaurant scene, mainstream and underground events – no matter what is happening in Nuremberg, Fürth, Erlangen and the surrounding area, our “Curties” already know ahead of time and are very happy to share their insider information with us. But not just with us.

Bloom – agency life deluxe

Of course, we also meet the expectations of ad agency clichés: stylish offices, endless brainstorming in creative meetings, everyone has a Mac – and, needless to say, we have the mandatory ad-agency foosball table, too. But the Bloom communication agency also has much more: our own holiday, for example. Yes, exactly. Our own holiday. On 16 June. It is known as Bloomsday. Our agency shares its name with Leopold Bloom, the character from Ulysses that the holiday, which celebrates Irish writer James Joyce, is named after. But we also take care of ourselves on the other 364 days – those who work hard also have to be rewarded, after all. Not only does cooking together ensure creature comforts and emotional well-being, free coffee and drinks, sweets, doughnuts or barbecuing on the rooftop terrace also play a not insignificant part in this. And drinks together after work also happens from time to time. Because the nice thing about being a Bloomie is that we don’t just see colleagues when we come to work every day, we see friends.

Stop by and see for yourself! During a tour of our offices with a coffee or a refreshing beverage, we can tell you more about ourselves, our lives and our work. We are always happy to see new faces.


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