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Brand appearance in complex B2B markets

EPLAN: speziell entwickelte Buchstaben, Rot auf Schwarz

EPLAN commissioned Bloom to develop a brand concept. A new brand campaign will then be used to communicate the more defined brand profile to the target group in a second step.


New EPLAN brand idea in a changing software market

EPLAN, one of the leading providers of electrical and mechatronic engineering software, commissioned Bloom with developing a brand concept. A new brand campaign will then be used to communicate the more defined brand profile to the target group in a second step.

The background: the entire software market is currently undergoing a radical transformation. In the course of digitalisation, new pricing and licensing models are increasingly determining how software will be purchased and sold in the future. Some of the contributing factors here are things like the Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS), virtualisation, and mobile technologies. At the same time, customers and companies’ target groups are also in the midst of the digitalisation process and searching for opportunities to successfully organise transformation in line with Industry 4.0.

The challenge lay in completely reinterpreting the EPLAN brand idea of “EFFICIENT ENGINEERING” in light of the dramatically changing environment.

Auditing: 360°-view of the brand

The Munich branding agency drew up a 360° research programme to gain comprehensive insights into the company, market environment and brand. This included online surveys (customers, employees) with several hundred participants, workshops with management and strategic marketing, and in-depth interviews with decision-makers and people with expertise in the customer base. After joint market positioning and persona development, the process ultimately implemented the strategic results in the form of a unique brand appearance.

Brand identity: unique impression of a singular brand

We developed our strategic springboard based on the new positioning: EPLAN combines “growing together” with “developing together”. Behind every solution, behind each promise stands the technical excellence of a “bridge builder” and, at the same time, the orientation towards user/customer success. That is limitless Efficient Engineering. To make a long story short: “We speak EPLAN!”

Accordingly, we developed singular imagery that summarises the content and presents it in a unique way. The solution was to create an exclusive alphabet: The EPLAN ABCs.


This new visual language aims to present reasoning central to reaching each persona based on the positioning. For example, YOU and USER were combined to create the YOUSER, who, thanks to EPLAN’s user-focused platform, has a customised workspace with access to all options.

Communication strategy: digital solidarity with customers and users

“Change is the common factor between EPLAN and our target groups. They all have to master the digital transformation, and we offer fitting solutions to make that happen. We wanted to document this common goal in our campaign and that’s why we made it the focus of the content.” – INA GRAF Team Lead Strategic Marketing for EPLAN & CIDEON

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