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Brand identity for a new form of luxury

Logo Pure + Solid

Bloom was responsible for the brand identity concept, corporate design as well as the conception, design and technical implementation behind the luxurious Pure + Solid credit cards.

  • World Luxury

An unusual status symbol

Silver, gold and platinum credit cards – this is the speciality of the Pure + Solid company, based in London. More than six years of development work went into the production of the exclusive precious metal cards. The result: an unusual status symbol that not everyone can call their own.

Exclusive first-class treasures

The Pure + Solid MasterCard opens up a whole new world of luxury. Handcrafted from pure platinum (PT999), gold (18K) or silver (Ag925), these first-class treasures symbolizes exceptional style and a taste for the unusual. Whether at a deluxe hotel, Michelin restaurant or an elegant boutique shop, they are the ideal accessory for people who want to make a statement with exceptional luxury items.

Reduced to the essentials

Of course, such luxury products also needs to be presented well. The Bloom creative agency did its utmost in developing the brand identity, corporate design and the concept, design and technical implementation of the website. Both online and offline, the look and feel reflects the exclusivity of the product through an elegant and minimalistic display of the essentials.

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