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Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation

Award-winning recruitment campaign for Deutsche Hospitality.

Deutsche Hospitality brings together hotel brands such as Steigenberger Icons, Steigenberger Porsche Design Hotels, Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts, House of Beats, Jaz in the City, MAXX, IntercityHotel and Zleep Hotels. All have experienced the same challenges during the pandemic.


Multi-brand strategy combined with a unique illustration style.

An illustrated recruitment campaign that is job-specific and regionally tailored – a very unusual approach for hotel groups – is efficiently and successfully attracting a diverse target group to specific job offers. The trainees and employees are between 15 and 45 years old. For this reason, the channels were precisely tailored to the respective ages. For example, trainees were addressed via TikTok and Snapchat. In addition, Instagram and Facebook were used for the other age groups.


Each illustration and layout integrates the corporate colours of the corresponding hotel group and create a clear, distinctive and brand-appropriate style.


Result of the recruitment campaign

In November and December 2021, the number of applicants doubled compared to previous years.


Award-worthy employer branding activity and campaign

For the first time in 2022, Deutsche Hospitality was ranked third by FOCUS BUSINESS as a top national and international employer, ahead of the other major hotel groups.


At the German Brand Awards 2022, the campaign received an award in the "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation" discipline in the "Employer Branding Activities and Campaigns" category.


Holger Wiesenfarth, Managing Partner and Creative Art Director at Bloom: "In terms of the approach, this is a bold presentation of a hotel group that combines such different hotel brands under one umbrella. But the numbers speak for themselves, it was worth it."

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