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German print media campaign

Hiscox-Anzeige: schwarzer Hund
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To introduce the new Hiscox direct online services, Bloom developed a print campaign for the German market – which the Jahrbuch der Werbung (Year of Advertising) quickly declared industry winner in the sector of B2B services.

Communication campaign for the German market

Hiscox is an international speciality insurer with a long Lloyd’s tradition, which is still actively practised today. In Germany, the company is still largely unknown. But: unnoticed by the public eye, Hiscox has long grown to become a small giant. Around 10% of all German IT companies are insured with Hiscox.

To introduce the new Hiscox direct online service, the Bloom communication agency was commissioned to develop a first-time print campaign for the German market.

Funny stories all about the product

Usually insurance companies make use of blue, white or green to communicate values such as safety and stability. However, Hiscox is anything but your ordinary insurance company – this is emphasized by the slogan: “Extraordinary cover”.

The brand image is just as extraordinary: with red and black as the dominant colours. We at the Bloom creative agency’s Munich office systematically developed this presentation: The striking and unexpected motifs for the German market each tell a short story about the product – with an English humour twist and always to the point.

Year of Advertising industry winner

The bold image helps to give Hiscox a strong presence in all their brand communication. The motifs attract attention and spark conversation, while radiating a proudly distinctive and emotional connection. For Hiscox the new advertising campaign means a high level of differentiation – it will be an eye-catcher in a market overcrowded with white sheep.

This also convinced the jury at Jahrbuch der Werbung (Year of Advertising): they chose the HISCOX campaign as industry winner in the B2B Service sector.

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