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Image and mobilisation campaign

3 Anzeigenposter Riem Arcaden in der U-Bahn

The Munich shopping centre is repositioning itself and launching an initial emotional positioning campaign. The campaign, developed by Bloom’s Munich office, focuses on the numerous good reasons to visit an all-in-one shopping destination.

Marketing concept for new shopping experiences

Whether daily groceries or daily shopping trips: there are many good reasons to take a trip to the Riem Arcaden shopping mall. And that is exactly what the eye-catching brand campaign reflects, which has been running since the opening of the 20,000 m2 extension at the end of March. The campaign was developed and implemented by the Bloom marketing agency. The agency has offices in Munich and Nuremberg, and was also responsible for the holistic communication concept. The intention was to publicise the USPs, emotionally charge the brand, and optimally support events, new openings and other developments. The budget was allocated after a pitch that included three agencies.

Focus on striking imagery

In addition to three image motifs and over 30 event and campaign motifs, the creative team also designed and implemented all media touchpoints at the PoS. The visual elements communicate the multifaceted shopping offers and that there is always a reason to “just stop by” the Riem Arcaden shopping centre for a bit. A quick cup of coffee, customer-orientated services or the attractive loyalty programme are connected to the large assortment of trendy products in a very friendly way. The focus of the launch campaign is the striking imagery implemented by Markus Finsterwald , who ensures a high degree of recognition on all channels.

Bloom’s master plan for communication

The starting point for the B2C communication strategy was Bloom’s master plan for communication, which begins with aligning target groups, developing personae, and defining the need situations.

As part of the communications strategy, the key market driver of “opportunity” was defined to add a supplemental measure for checking the brand status. In this case, that meant proximity, accessibility and availability were more important than other benefits. In addition, the key need of “convenience & simplicity” was defined. In this case, that means: everything possible is done to reduce complexity while maintaining a sense of well-being.

The brand platform

Then came the brand platform, which outlined the brand strategy, positioning and brand values at a glance:

Good strategies are creative – good creative minds are strategic minds

“The communication strategy is summarised in the brand platform and filters out the insights relevant for the target group from the large amount of information about the consumers and touches on these insights in specific ways. It gives the creative team a springboard that steers brainstorming in the right direction,” says Holger Wiesenfarth, Managing Director at Bloom.

Optimally equipped for the future

In the first two months of the cooperation, the communication agency received an overview of the relevant touchpoints and was able to assign them to subject areas that could be used for targeted touchpoint mapping and development. This makes it possible to communicate the added value of the Riem Arcaden shopping centre and mobilise people at the same time.

“Together, with the completely revised marketing concept we will use from now on to create an exciting shopping experience both online and offline, we are optimally positioned for long-term success in the future,” emphasises Ivica Pavusek, Centre Manager at Riem Arcaden.

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