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Integrated market launch for original Nuremberg Rotbier

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Especially when it comes to food retail, customers are spoilt for choice in view of the huge selection of goods. They are often simply overwhelmed by the flood of information in various product messages. So essential basic information about products like the price, brand, test findings and designations of origins are becoming ever-more important when making purchasing decisions.

Because no matter the country, region or city, the label known as the designation of origin or COO (country of origin) gives people a sense of security when selecting products. They feel a connection to originality and quality. These factors are gaining significance at a personal and a societal level in times of globalisation, environmental protection and the coronavirus crisis. Labelling products’ origins helps people decide to purchase regional products. That is more sustainable and, above all, more socially responsible.

Beer needs a home – especially in our globalised world

The source of ingredients has long played a decisive role in the beer industry. Consumers are increasingly looking for regional beer specialities that differentiate themselves from established consumer brands through authentic craft brewery.
Particularly in northern Bavaria, the home of Tucher Traditionsbrauerei, consumers are particularly interested in regional beer specialities. There are small private breweries in many of the towns there. Thanks to the highest brewery density in Germany, the competition in the “local beer” category is correspondingly high.

Winning consumers’ hearts in the home market

How can a supposedly large Nuremberg brewery win over local beer drinkers when they are so interested in regional brands and quality? Tucher uses a clever double strategy to do it. On the one hand, no cost was spared when they reactivated Nuremberg’s oldest brewery site, Tucher’s “Altes Sudhaus”. On the other hand, Tucher used the title of “Original Nürnberger Rotbier” (English: Nuremberg’s original rotbier) to place a type of beer that was already part of the city’s culture as early as the middle ages. Combined, these are the perfect ingredients for a believable regional concept.
In addition to the connection to local and historical roots, the “Original Nürnberger Rotbier” also stands out due to special aspects of its production. The beer ferments in traditional toasted oak barrels. Simply a true beer speciality!


Packaging, PoS & cinema ad – Bloom skilfully set the scene for the “Original Nürnberger Rotbier”

  • Consistent packaging design 

From the charming euro-bottle, to the hand-drawn label with the figure of an old master brewer, through to the top seal label – the design concept that Bloom’s Nuremberg office developed communicates authenticity and craftsmanship, thus creating a credible product idea. Packaging centrepiece: the newly developed returnable crate. Thanks to a special relief in-mould technique, it almost looks like a real wooden crate – a subtle nod to the product’s special characteristic fermentation in oak barrels.

  • Visually stunning cinema ad 

Tradition, craftsmanship and a pinch of local atmosphere – those are also the ingredients for the cinema ad that supported the launch of the Nuremberg rotbier in regional cinemas. The advertisement whisks the audience away to the cool fermentation and storage cellar in Tucher’s “Altes Sudhaus” with large, emotional images. There, the secret behind the “Original Nürnberger Rotbier” is revealed in fascinating ways.  

  • Historic brand experience in restaurants and shops

The Nuremberg rotbier also provides an emotional brand experience in restaurants, served directly from wooden barrels, celebrating it in a special way. What looks like an antique enamel sign or punched table displays also invite guests to test the beer speciality. In stores, a specially-shaped promotional casing with barrel images communicates the product’s unique “oak-barrel fermentation” USP to consumers. The sign at the top and the open baskets are a reference to Nuremberg’s regional brewing traditions.

Our product launch won the German Brand Award 2020

From the packaging design, to conventional communication, through to marketing at the POS – the example of the “Original Nürnberger Rotbier” clearly demonstrates the elements of a successful product launch: a consistent and coherent concept. The Tucher Traditionsbrauerei brewery and the Bloom advertising agency’s Nuremberg office were awarded one of the most important German brand prizes by the German Design Council German Brand Award 2020 in the “Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation” competition in the “Brand Communication – Integrated Campaign” category. 


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