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Landing page for fundraising

Laptop mit Ansicht Landingpage Spendenaquise Kinderschutz München

Bloom created a new landing page for KINDERSCHUTZ MÜNCHEN – including the concept, design and SEO optimisation.

Donating can be this easy

The digital department of the Bloom advertising agency created a new landing page for KINDERSCHUTZ MÜNCHEN. Both the concept and design were developed in this process. Bloom also created SEO-optimised content.

The objective of the one page website is to generate leads for charitable contributions or donations as gifts. KINDERSCHUTZ MÜNCHEN would thus like to offer an alternative to standard gift-giving and the page shows how easy it is to make a donation or give one as a gift. Of course, the organisation operates with complete transparency and the highest level of trust.

Harmonious layout

This is exactly the philosophy that the Munich online agency Bloom used as orientation for the UX, which intelligently facilitates donations from visitors. The page was also designed separately from the current online presence to ensure a harmonious layout with warm and happy colours. Furthermore, Bloom created a gift certificate in the form of a PDF that any individual can immediately download if they donate in someone’s name.


Birgit Bidell, head of communication and fund-raising for KINDERSCHUTZ MÜNCHEN said “This landing page is a small pre-launch before we relaunch our website, at least with regards to our online activities. We are already very excited and are happy with the beautiful result.”

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