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Launch campaign for ePaper

Detail aus Printanzeige: AUTOHAUS-Kiosk

AUTHOHAUS is going digital. Bloom supported the launch of the ePaper with an advertising campaign that made the Jahrbuch der Werbung “Shortlist der Jury: Publikationen” (Year of Advertising’s “Jury Shortlist: Publications”).

  • JdW Shortlist

Wherever you are: your AUTOHAUS is there

AUTHOHAUS, the trade magazine for the automotive industry, is now digital: since this past autumn, the ePaper is available for PC, tablet and smartphone in various bundled offers.

The Bloom communication agency in Munich supported this launch with double page print ads highlighting the main advantage of the ePaper. Wherever you are: your AUTOHAUS is there. Whether it’s at home or on holiday in the most unusual places in the world. All you need is an Internet connection – and instantly, this island of information appears out of nowhere.

The campaign scored an honourable mention on the Year of Advertising “Jury Shortlist: Publications”.

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