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Market Launch of the Doppelbock Vivator by Münchner Kindl

[Translate to EN:] Vivator Doppelbock Flasche mit Etikett und Bundle Verpackung mit Glas im Hintergrund

The Münchner Kindl beer brand had been absent for 115 years. Thanks to Bloom Nürnberg, the old
brand is now being relaunched on the market.


The Sailer family from Traunstein, Germany is a family of brewers with an ambitious plan. They want to revive the venerable Münchner Kindl beer brand after 115 years, thus returning a piece of local brewery culture to Munich residents . A new brewery in Munich’s Obergiesing district is due to be completed by 2023. It will include a Br.ustüberl (tavern), hop garden and horse paddock. That’s where they plan to carry on the old traditions and customs, from the vintage cooling unit used during brewing, to the use of wooden barrels, though to delivery using horse-drawn transport. These are all still dreams of the future. But it’s possible to get a small taste ahead of time.



The Sailer family is counting on the competence of Bloom’s Nuremberg team for a successful market launch. While reviving the traditional bier brand, the Nuremberg-based ad agency has already collected relevant experience and shown that it’s possible to lead a brand to success without a mammoth ad budget. The key is a deep understanding of today’s beer market and, specifically, how to handle the brand and its past delicately. Simply copying the historic beer brand is not enough. On the contrary, the brand needs to reflect its history. The substance has to be identified and packed into a unique brand story. That is the only way to make the beer brand feel authentically “old” – old but not outdated. Authentic and attractive packaging design play a central role here in telling the unique product story at the PoS, directly appealing to consumers.



The Munich beer brand Münchner Kindl is celebrating its premier in stores with a beer that packs a punch. Vivator Doppelbock Dunkel from Münchner Kindl is the first brew in 115 years. This beer is available as a limited edition brew together with a traditional goblet that Bloom created based on an old design. Why a doppelbock? Because it is the crowning achievement in brewing. And because, when it comes to beer, the Sailer family of brewers is quite orthodox. Just as it was back in the day, only bottom-fermented beers are brewed under the Münchner Kindl brand. Light, dark and even bock beer.


Bloom developed the Vivator’s product presentation, including the labels on the neck, body and back. The unusual body label features the original illustration of a happy reveller in his Sunday best with a beer mug in his hand, backed by the silhouette of the city of Munich. The associated outer packaging attractively displays the Vivator Doppelbock and tells the brand story, from the former brewery, to the “Schützenliesl” trademark through to the newly planned brewing facility.

The product bundle is finding its way into stores as an eye-catching second placement. The attractive PoS display designed by Bloom invites connoisseurs of beer to spontaneously give it a try. Vivator is also already present on Instagram under #kindlbier. 

Münchner Kindl is back and we are certain: Munich residents who love beer will be thrilled.

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