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Retro marketing

Grüner-Werbung im Retro-Design: Bierglas auf Kleeblatt
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To successfully revive the “Grüner Bräu” beer brand based in Fürth, Germany, Bloom developed a new marketing concept – based on the good old days.

Reintroducing the “Grüner Bräu” brand

The Bloom advertising agency in Nuremberg developed a new marketing concept to revive the Grüner Bräu brand. The beer brand based in Fürth, Germany had been off the market for more than three decades. The challenge lay in creating the best environment for a successful reintroduction of what Grüner has to offer.

Memories of the good old days

The Bloom creative agency developed a highly emotional retro marketing concept that gives credit to the original character of Grüner. The redesign of Grüner beer ties in seamlessly with the original at the time and the new definition of the brand image evokes memories of the good old days.

Successful comeback

Grüner’s comeback was a great success. The first batch of bottled beer was sold out within six days; from January to April 2012 alone 3,000 hectolitres were sold. In the regional press Grüner was met with an overwhelming response. As a sponsor of the first-division SpVgg Greuther Fürth football team, Grüner now also has a strong national presence.

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