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Shiny website for building cleaner app

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Blink.de: complex topic, clear presentation

The corporate strategy as a basis

Thanks to our brand strategy concept for Blink, we were already well-versed in the complex topic of the commercial cleaning industry and its demands in the digital age. The target groups had been defined; the campaign launched. Now it was time to design the new website based on the repositioning of the Blink brand.

For Bloom, this resulted in three main to-do items:

1. Place focus on the users and the added value they experience,

2. Present the app as a modular product and

3. Make the company the focal point of the communication.

So the new website was a challenge, both in terms of concept, but also in terms of design and the campaign’s appearance.

The client was responsible for the programming and implementation itself.

The user in the foreground

Up to now, the main focus was on explaining the functions of the app. With our new concept, we show the target group how the app supports the respective user – from the cleaner to the property manager to the decision-maker – in their daily tasks. With just one click, the personal benefits become clear right from the start page. The target groups have therefore been given their own menu item they can use to access these features at any time – no matter where they are on the page.


Modular product

The modular structure of the Blink app is just as important as the users or target groups. The application provides all functions from a single source. It is perfectly tailored to the customer and their needs and can be scaled according to the size of the company. As part of the redesign, the Blink app was expanded to include two functions. The first is “Blink Order”. Here, consumables can be ordered "on demand" for the respective property. The other is "Blink Insight". This customer portal allows customers to see how many people are currently on site at their facility in real time. All modules have been given their own menu item. There you can also find the Blink pricing model, which is completely transparent. This is an important point in communication for the decision-making chain.


The company becomes more tangible

The company and brand were previously presented on separate websites; now both are combined on the new site. The company itself can be found in the menu items "About us", “Support”, “Jobs” and “Blog”. This makes the Blink brand and the people behind it more tangible, placing the company at the centre of communication.


Result: the website makes the Blink moment tangible

The new website communicates both the Blink app product and the Blink brand in a way that differentiates the two and adds value. It manages to address completely different target groups within a company and to convince them of the product benefits. It gives decision-makers security in terms of process and investment. And the people implementing these decisions can be sure that they are relying on a high-performance application that is easy to integrate. In addition, administrators can rely on clean data. Last but not least, Blink delivers on its promise to give facility managers and cleaning staff a tool that provides them with maximum support in their daily tasks in the simplest possible way.

This makes it possible for each individual to experience the Blink moment – the moment they are empowered.

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