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Variable advertising concept for sponsorship activities

Motiv Tucher Sportsponsoring: Bier und Sportgeräte

Tucher acts as sponsor and official partner for many events and clubs. Bloom developed a flexible and thus a pragmatic and cost-effective advertising concept to increase public awareness.

Making sponsorship public

As one of the largest breweries in northern Bavaria, Tucher holds the advancement of sports and culture close to its heart. Tucher acts as sponsor and official partner for many events and clubs – from the Nuremberg Opera Ball to Klassik am See (classical music on the lake), from the Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers to the Women's Volleyball team of VfL Nuremberg e.V. These sponsorship activities also need to be brought home to visitors and fans – with help from the Bloom advertising agency in Nuremberg.

Flexible framework for sponsorship ads

The Bloom creative agency developed a flexible framework for Tucher sponsorship ads, with the space to be adapted to the respective sponsorship partner. Tucher presents itself as a friendly brewery that links their passion for brewing with the love of culture and sports.

A pragmatic and cost-effective solution

These sponsorship ads appear in programmes and club publications. The flexible advertising framework is a pragmatic and cost-effective solution for Tucher to present themselves in an appealing way – while adapting to each individual sponsorship partner. Even with spontaneous requests, such as club anniversaries, Tucher can react quickly.


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