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A new B2B website – so what?

A new website is hardly worth mentioning these days. Unless ...

... it is designed to work globally with over 10 individual country instances.

... and in any number of languages.

... it addresses a wide variety of target groups in over 50 different application areas and industries.

... and it includes the representation of various product systems with over 8000 individual products. Then there’s quite a lot to talk about.

UX - a set with many X's

The art: Creating order and orientation in the sheer overwhelming amount of content that has to be intelligently linked for different "personas". Creating clarity and ensuring intuitive user navigation with a manageable amount of page types and templates. Yes – it should also look cool and be fun!


High performance, but stable please

A real feast for our certified TYPO3 developers: programming intelligent solutions that link databases in a stable and secure way and also make the backend "easy and manageable" for a large number of different administrators in various countries.


The result: great for Google ... and for JACOB

JACOB has thus created the basis, the digital backbone, to be the decisive step ahead in the coming years. The clean codebase is the basic prerequisite for high organic brand visibility (SEO). The flexible, modular architecture enables targeted and effective lead acquisition via SEA and social campaigns.


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