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TV ad for the joy of gardening

Auszug aus TV-Spot: Kunde beim STIHL-Fachhändler

Bloom sent private garden owners to STIHL dealers: with a TV ad intended to diffuse fear of dealerships.

Diffusing “fear of dealerships”

The average German person usually has a rather negative reaction to the word “dealership”. For them it brings to mind connotations such as "too expensive" and "just for professionals". This is not necessarily accurate, and STIHL is a different kind of dealer after all. The Bloom communication agency in Munich was tasked with diffusing this “fear of dealerships” in a 20-second TV ad.


Testing gardening tools – in paradise

The TV spot highlights the specialised trade factor as one of the strengths of STIHL. And it’s clear: anyone who holds a STIHL device in their hands is convinced forever. And, as the ad created by the Bloom creative agency conveys, there are plenty of opportunities for testing at STIHL: in a paradise of a test garden under the expert eyes of a STIHL dealer. A B2C measure that clearly shows: even private garden owners feel very well taken care of there!


Large reach through many channels

The creative TV spot was aired across all major channels at the beginning of the gardening season and so managed to reach a large audience. It allowed STIHL to establish itself as a personable partner for a target group of private garden owners.

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