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Radio campaign

Plakat Imagekampagne: Wenn Ziele, dann VAG

Based on the VAG image campaign developed by Bloom Nuremberg, three radio spots were created that demonstrate VAG’s relevance in a likeable way.


Implementation of the image campaign for radio

The local public transportation provider ÖPNV is back in the public eye, and not just in Nuremberg. Fare increases and delays are among the topics of discussion. But few people are aware of the performance capacity and the positive sides and effects that ÖPNV has.

The “Wenn.Dann” campaign (English: “If.Then”) developed by the Bloom advertising agency in Nuremberg was all about increasing the visibility of the services the local public transportation provider offers. The message: VAG (Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft) in Nuremberg is vital for the whole city and each individual resident. The aim of the current image campaign was to communicate this in radio media.

Convincing B2C communication

The Bloom communication agency developed three radio ads tied to the campaign motifs “environment”, “destinations” and “600,000” and have the same “If.Then” format. A character plays a reporter interviewing VAG passengers, demonstrating VAG’s relevance in a bold, convincing and relatable way. The radio ads make the following clear: VAG is not just essential for the city’s mobility – it also improves the quality of life for us all.

Extensive reach, high memorability

The radio ads Bloom executed run in two flights on the regional stations Charivari, Hitradio N1 and Gong. The corresponding billboard motifs are also displayed around the city. Initial evaluations have shown that the integrated campaign is creating a positive image for VAG Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft and has a high rate of recognition. Additional motifs are already being prepared.

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